Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Diva Turns One, Part II

"Happy Birthday" in Chinese

Haley's second first birthday party (make sense?) was here in Texas for all of my family and a few friends.  Before I read the fine print, I accidentally signed up to host a Thai Kitchen house party (check out all the fun parties at on the exact same day.  OOPS!  Because Thai food doesn't exactly scream "Welcome to Toddlerhood", I came up with the lame idea of making her party Asian-themed.  So, I did my best to incorporate curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, and jasmine rice into sweet baby Haley's party.  The resulting menu:

Spring Rolls, Red Curry Pork, Chicken Satay, Creme Brulee*, "Sushi" Cake, Pot Stickers, Fried Rice, and a Texas flag for Haley
*Yes, I know Creme Brulee is NOT an Asian dish, but the recipe called for coconut milk and was delicious!

Fun activities included decorating a fan or parasol with stickers and markers, sampling all the weird food, attempting to keep Shelby from sticking her fingers in the cake, keeping the Mai Tai drinks iced down, and running around the back yard squealing in the most "adorable" high pitched sounds ever! 
Can you spot a big sister sneaking some icing?

And, as a final announcement, the winner of this year's "Most Played With Gift" goes to Mimi.  The "Poppy Balls" toy has kept both girls quite entertained going on a whole FOUR days now!  


Team Seghs said...

Hate that I missed it. But Creighton and I would gave just left icky germs all over your lovely party. Cool 1st birthday party though!!

Julianne said...

Looks like a fun party!