Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let the (Fashion) Show Begin!

In case you hadn't heard, my youngest is a bit of a handful.  Her new interest is dressing herself, and she is very particular on her ensembles.  If I dare question what she is wearing, she breaks down in near hysteria.  She will be the perfect contestant on Project Runway Season 37!

Yes, Dear, your hat is totally appropriate for July weather.  And, that shirt and skirt totally match.
The rainbow headband distracts from the socks and mis-matched shoes.
Haley's "Going to Target" outfit.  People looked at us kind of funny....
Her attempt at doing her own hair, just like mom's when I don't wash my hair.  And, what's up with those duck lips?  NOT a good look for ANYONE!

At least this one makes more sense.  Until you learn it is what they wanted to wear to Chili's.

And, for the grand finale of any fashion show, the WEDDING DRESS!  I let the girls try on my wedding dress after seeing a cute thing on pinterest.  The idea was that you take a pic now of your girls wearing your wedding dress so they can use the picture at their own wedding.  Since I won't remember taking said picture in 20+ years, I might as well post it now!
Michael, Nina, and Heidi, eat your hearts out!  

Shelby loving every minute of the special occasion.