Thursday, October 10, 2013

Libras in my life

Haley's birthday is September 25, and Jeff, my step-dad, has his the next day on September 26.  Despite my pleas to my doctor, she just wouldn't do my scheduled c-section on his birthday, being that September 26 fell on a Saturday in 2009.  It was probably for the best, since Haley isn't too keen on sharing ANYTHING.

Jeff started giving Haley a hard time about her being 57 and him being 4 on their next birthdays.  Haley didn't think that was funny, but Jeff got a kick out of the idea.  Always one to love a good joke, he had this shirt made:

So, the next time you see Haley around town sporting a funny t-shirt, give her a hard time about being 57!

And, Jeff, thanks for all the practical jokes and laughs.  I'll never forget some of the crazy stuff you have done...