Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gee, Thanks!

The girls and I went to Austin this weekend with two goals in mind.  1--to see my dad and his family.  2--to buy Bryon a chiminea for Christmas.

The first goal was easy.  We enjoyed seeing Peepaw, Christy, Vikki, and Loren and catching up with them.  They also have two adorable Boston Terriers that kept the girls entertained.  Shelby became the dog whisperer, teaching "Harley" to shake.  And, poor "Max" got renamed "Mackey".  No idea how that happened.

The next goal was also a success, at least for one day.  I knew I had seen chimineas at H.E.B. in years past for cheap and wanted to stop by there to get one.  My dad wasn't about to let me try to load one all on my own, so he went with me to the grocery store to get Bryon's Christmas present.  (Doesn't everyone do their Christmas shopping at the grocery store??)

After picking out the biggest, most heaviest one, I finally found someone to ring us up and got the thing loaded in the car.  Dad even helped me secure it so that it wouldn't roll all over the back and get cracked.  Finally, the hardest person for me to buy for was marked off the list...or so I thought.

That night, I called Bryon to catch up, and he was SO excited to tell me he found the coolest Chiminea at Kroger for only $25.  WHAT??  After telling him he should have waited until after Christmas to make such a purchase, I realized I was going to have to take the HEB gift back.

So, back to the grocery store with Dad.  The employees were super nice to refund my money, and Dad was super helpful in unloading the 100 pound piece of pottery.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that, in the end, I liked the Kroger chiminea better.

It's back to the drawing board for a gift for the man that has everything!