Sunday, July 14, 2013

Webster's Additions Part 2

More additions to the Pfaff Webster's Dictionary, as vocalized in our household:

Pawn•Ish noun and verb
1.  Paint used to beautify one's toenails or fingernails.
2.  The act of applying color to finger or toenails.
Example:  Mom needed the kids to calm down, so she suggested they sit VERY still while she pawnished their toenails a lovely shade of pink.  
Origin:  Early Haley English
Pretty pink pawnish

Hoo•Wah Hoop noun and verb
1.  A round toy one twirls on one's hips
2.  The act of twirling a hoop around and around one's body
Example:  Shelby became quite good at hoowah hooping, much to her mother's amazement.
Origin:  21st Century Shelby English
Gru•Ined adjective and verb
1. Describing something that has been destroyed.  Similar to ruined, only worse.
2.  Breaking, mutilating, or destroying something of value, rendering it worthless
Example:  Haley snuck into the kitchen while mom was enjoying a quiet bath and gruined her birthday cake. 
Origin: Shelby English, usually said in a whiny voice.  "Haley just GRUINED my _____!"  (fill in the blank)
A gruined birthday cake

Mingos noun
Pink birds that tend to stand on one leg.
Example:  Upon seeing the mingos at the zoo, the girls trying standing on one leg to imitate the funny birds.
Origin:  Early Shelby and Haley English
Look at me!  I'm a mingo!

Mama's birthday

For my 39th birthday, my sweet hubby grilled me a yummy steak and whipped up a red velvet cake.  It was quite lovely.  The girls even let me enjoy a quiet bath afterwards.

But, as I learned 4 years ago, never trust a quiet house...

Any guesses who the guilty party was destroying my cake?