Sunday, April 29, 2012

I didn't see that one coming...

Last night, Bryon and I got all gussied up for his company's annual shareholders' party.  Just check out our fun attire for the the prohibition-themed soiree!
As we were getting to head out the door, I told Shelby to come give me a hug and a kiss.  Each and every time I, or anyone else for that matter, get ready to  leave, she makes a HUGE ordeal of "hug and kiss".  If I dare sneak out without "hug and kiss" the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan.

Anyway, last night, Shelby responded, "Later, Mom.  I'll give you hug and kiss next time."  WHAT??  My heart sank as I realized her new favorite babysitter, Lilly, had her total attention, and she no longer had time for me.  I mean, what does Lilly the Great have over Dear ol' Mom??  It probably has something to do with her willingness to play dress-up, playdoh, board games, and flashlight tag over and over again...

Meanwhile, back at the Prohibition Party, we had a grand old time.  In true speakeasy fashion, we had to give a password to get in.  There were hilarious actors really hamming it up.  My favorite was the cigarette gal who spouted, "You're much prettier than the dame he had in here last week!"  She was my BFF before the night was done, and I don't even smoke!
No worries, mom, it's a candy cigarette!
Mobsters, carrying bats, circled the room with pictures of various employees involved in "questionable" activities quizzing us if we had seen them.  A policeman was throwing people in the pokey.  The whole atmosphere was made by these period actors, who never broke character. 

All in all, it was a night to remember.  At least the awesome party distracted me from the disappointment of no "hug and kiss" from my baby girl.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cascarones...A new family tradition

Our Easter in Pictures
We managed to all look nice for at least an hour

The girls adore their cousin Carly

Watch out, Conrad!

Bryon getting "surprised" by an exploding egg

Shelby being nice by pre-cracking the egg and then letting the confetti fall on Haley

Just whack it on his head!

Conrad being out-numbered by the girls

For some reason, the eggs we had were super hard to break.  Haley whacked me hard!

Beautiful mess

Watch out!

As a side note, I made the girls' Easter dresses this year.  My sewing abilities will never be as impressive as my mom's, so I opted for the pre-smocked fabric that only required a few seams.  So far, the girls love to wear stuff I make for them, but I know my days are numbered!

Latest Crafty Crap

My sister recently had some hilarious real pinterest/my pinterest collages on her facebook page.  Now, everytime I make something from pinterest, I crack up thinking it would make her Hall of Fame photo album!

These recent projects were for all of my pregnant friends, three of whom are having boys, all with "J" for the first initial (Jack, Jude, and Joel).  I really wanted to make them all something, as I loved getting homemade baby gifts for my girls.  I had fallen in love with the Backyard Baby fabric line and really wanted to try this burp cloth tutorial:

I wish the camera on my phone would have done them justice, because I loved the way they turned out.  
Colors were much happier in person...
Even though I told myself not to do blankets, I also whipped up this blanket for a daddy-to-be that is a HUGE Saints fan:

Not too shabby for 2 hours' worth of work!
After all, the dads-to-be tend to get overlooked and need a little something to call their own!

My Little Entomologists

I've tried really hard to not freak out around bugs so that my girls will grow up to be brave around them.  So far, my self-control has paid off.  Both girls LOVE bugs!

Shelby recently found a lady bug on the playground at school.  She ended up bringing it inside, where Ms. Nicole had all the kids play with it for a little while.

In an attempt to get the perfect Kids-in-the-Texas-bluebonnets picture, the darn butterflies completely ruined any chance I had.  Both girls saw the little critters and were off.

Shelby running for a butterfly
Eyeing her prey


Haley diving for her butterfly

No success...

Roly-Poly bugs and June bugs have also been abundant lately, so we've been bringing them inside and putting them in little "houses".  There have also been a few bugs of unknown names.  I've had to improvise when asked what they were.  "Water bug", "Hoppy bug", and "Lake spider" are just a few.  It's been fun watching their fascination with all things buggy!