Monday, April 23, 2012

Cascarones...A new family tradition

Our Easter in Pictures
We managed to all look nice for at least an hour

The girls adore their cousin Carly

Watch out, Conrad!

Bryon getting "surprised" by an exploding egg

Shelby being nice by pre-cracking the egg and then letting the confetti fall on Haley

Just whack it on his head!

Conrad being out-numbered by the girls

For some reason, the eggs we had were super hard to break.  Haley whacked me hard!

Beautiful mess

Watch out!

As a side note, I made the girls' Easter dresses this year.  My sewing abilities will never be as impressive as my mom's, so I opted for the pre-smocked fabric that only required a few seams.  So far, the girls love to wear stuff I make for them, but I know my days are numbered!

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