Monday, April 23, 2012

My Little Entomologists

I've tried really hard to not freak out around bugs so that my girls will grow up to be brave around them.  So far, my self-control has paid off.  Both girls LOVE bugs!

Shelby recently found a lady bug on the playground at school.  She ended up bringing it inside, where Ms. Nicole had all the kids play with it for a little while.

In an attempt to get the perfect Kids-in-the-Texas-bluebonnets picture, the darn butterflies completely ruined any chance I had.  Both girls saw the little critters and were off.

Shelby running for a butterfly
Eyeing her prey


Haley diving for her butterfly

No success...

Roly-Poly bugs and June bugs have also been abundant lately, so we've been bringing them inside and putting them in little "houses".  There have also been a few bugs of unknown names.  I've had to improvise when asked what they were.  "Water bug", "Hoppy bug", and "Lake spider" are just a few.  It's been fun watching their fascination with all things buggy!

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