Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello, Real World!

What a great weekend! I was able to step out of my covered-in-mystery-stains uniform and put on my time-to-rejoin-the-real-world party clothes last night. And, oh, what a night it was!

Bryon's longtime friend, Joe, drove all the way from Denver with Susan and their six-month old baby girl, Alyssa. Alyssa and Haley are less than 24 hours apart in age, and it was so much fun watching the two of them interact with each other. Haley was in shock that another human being was her size.

We managed to get two sitters for one night and go out for dinner and catch a Mavericks game. One of the babysitters snapped a picture of us all dressed up in our Mavs gear, and Susan wearing her Nuggets threads:

This was the third year in a row that Joe and Susan have come to visit us to go to the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Denver Nuggets game. The first year they came, we weren't able to go to the game at the last minute. Then, last year, Susan and I were both pregnant. Nothing is more annoying than being constantly nauseated while watching 20,000 other people drink beer and scream.

I was really hoping third time was a charm, and boy was it ever! Joe's boyfriend idol, Dirk Nowitzki, scored a triple-double, for only the second time in his career. I can't even remember the last time I had so much fun. In fact, my face is still sore this morning from laughing and cheering so much.

Real World, I hope to join you more often!

Has it really been SIX months?

I'm in complete shock around here these days. SOOO much has happened in the past month that I haven't even had a chance to appreciate the fact that Haley hit the magical age of 6 months. Ah, 6 months' old. The amount of time it takes most babies to start becoming just a teensy-tiny bit easier.

In the past week, that seems to have become true. Haley is sleeping better. She sits up completely on her own now. She is doing the infamous "army crawl" to steal her sister's toys. The two of them even play "Eek-A-Boo" (as Shelby says) together while I sip a vodka drink update their baby books.
So, why was March so traumatic, you ask? Three numbers--9-1-1. Yep, we had to dial that fun phone number to report our truck had been stolen. Here it was on the happiest day of Bryon's life: (if you don't count those wedding and birthing things...)

After I sipped a few vodka drinks got my senses together, I realized this was not as big of a deal as one would think. The police said this happens even in the best neighborhoods and was just a passing group of car thieves. Luckily, it looks like our trusty insurance company is going to take care of things. The silver lining is that I should be driving a new car sooner than I had expected. Yea! Just keep your fingers crossed that our insurance company won't double our rates...