Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Time

Here's mom and baby enjoying ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord. It is this huge series of ice sculptures kept at 9 degrees. The hotel makes you wear these funny parkas for warmth. Shelby was TOTALLY confused by it all, but I loved it.

This is one of those photos you think will turn out great at the time, but then you get home and realize you can't see anyone's face. UGH! Molly, Carly, Conrad, Jeff, Linda, Shelby and I are all in there somewhere...Bryon and Marc stayed home. Turkeys!

Here we are with Bryon's family for Thanksgiving. Juanita and Aaron, in front, are expecting a baby girl in February. Shelby is excited to have a cousin her age! Bryon and I were able to run to Santa Fe last night for our Maria's margarita fix and to catch up with Bryon's friend Dom. We love having grandparents that babysit!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News Commentary

Bryon and I get such a kick out of the weathermen around here. Being a weatherman in Dallas has to be one of the easiest jobs, but we've decided it must get really boring after years of "sunny and humid" forecasts.

With all that spare time, they tend to come up with some pretty "informing" graphics. The other night, Bryon and I got a huge laugh out of this one. You would have thought the sky was falling except for the headline across the top stating, "Overall risk SLIGHT!" Is there anything else Fox 4 could have added to this one?

Cookie Time

You would have thought it was her birthday the way Shelby reacted to the toddler cookie she got yesterday! She loved gumming it to pieces and had mush everywhere. And, yes, she is wearing a Halloween bib in November. It was the first one I pulled out of the stash!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little Shaky

It's official! Miss Priss is sitting on her own. It's a little shaky, but she is getting better and better every day. Also, as seen in the picture, she is an expert at drooling! Those teeth can come in any day now...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just LOVE getting comments on my blog. So, in an effort to see your thoughts, I've changed the settings to allow anyone to comment. Keep in mind it will show as "anonymous" if you don't sign in, so be sure to leave your name if you want!

I'm thinking of posting a Question of the Month just to see who is reading about our boring life and maybe learn something new about your boring life. So...for November, what is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure? Mine would have to be my mom's dinner rolls with lots of butter!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Bryon gets lots of giggles from Miss Shelby when he holds her in front of the dogs. With any little movement from Winsor, she is in stitches. Hearing her laugh is the greatest thing in our lives!

For the grandparents out there, I've posted a link to Shelby's Wishlist on Amazon if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas! Like most babies, I get the feeling she will like the paper and boxes just as much as toys...