Friday, September 10, 2010

There's a Buttfly in the Chris-A-Mis

Anyone living within 30 minutes of Southlake Town Square looking for something to do this weekend should get their butt-a-flies over there for the Butterfly Festival.  I took the girls this afternoon, and they were fascinated.

Am I really holding a live butterfly?
Unfortunately, I think the festival organizers experienced their first butterfly casualty when we showed up.  I thought Haley having a butterfly on her nose would make the most adorable photograph.  As soon as it's teeny, tiny feet hit her face, she plastered that poor Monarch across her forehead.  I think the butterfly expert might have shed a tear. much for that photo!  

Poor butterfly's days are numbered
They had loads of butterfly merchandise for sale that I quickly steered Shelby right past.  However, I couldn't resist the chrysalises (chrysalii?) they had for $3.  I broke down and bought two.  Woo, big spender!  All the way home, Shelby kept talking about the sleeping butt-flies in the Chris-A-Mises.  I was cracking up!  Now, we can only hope to see some Painted Lady butt-flies by Chris-A-Mis...

Some local businesses were handing out free treats, and Shelby quickly gravitated to the cotton candy snow cone.  She is a true descendant of mine with that sweet tooth of hers!  I bet even our Chris-A-Mises would love a little bit of this sugary goodness.

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