Monday, September 6, 2010

The Grass is Greener

We have an area on the side of our house that has always required more attention than the rest of the yard.  We've seeded.  We've sodded.  We've plopped a big plastic storage container on top.  All with no luck in getting it to be a usable space.  

Bryon had big plans on ropping in our families to help lay flagstone down to finally put an end to the muddy mess.  Luckily our awesome realtor, Corey Young, said just to put down some sod and keep our fingers crossed it lives until our house sells.  

So, this weekend, Bryon leveled the mud, shoveled 1200 pounds (!) of topsoil, and, with Shelby's help, laid a pallet of sod, all before 8:00 am.  It was so cute watching Shelby tell her daddy where to put the next strip of grass and help stomp it down.  Her attempts at pushing the wheelbarrow were also VERY amusing.  

Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed (and our sprinklers running) that all of their efforts will pay off!

And, just to keep things even, I had to include a picture of Cutie Pie #2, Haley Bear.  Adorable, even with a boo-boo on her head!

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Corey said...

Loved the 'shout out' to me... the greatest realtor that ever lived. ;) That is adorable to see Shelby helping Bryon! Can't wait to see all the progress soon.