Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Girls' First "Crain" Ride

Ah, the joy of youth!  It was such a delight to experience Shelby and Haley's first train ride.  We recently went to Rio Rancho, New Mexico to visit Bryon's family.  His parents purchased a new house in Los Lunas, so all the girls (Grandma, the two squirts, and me) all decided to ride the "crain" down to take a look.  Bryon and Grandpa dropped us off at the "Kiss and Ride".

Shelby instructed us on the route.
We waited and waited for the train to arrive. 

When it finally did, the girls squealed in delight and quickly hopped on.

Shelby picked our seats. (reminds me of an old joke...)

We made the ticket lady pose for pictures.  
And we did our best to keep Wiggle Worm entertained.  The stairs were just too much temptation for Miss Haley...

An hour later, we arrived at the Los Lunas train station.  I have to say, it was the most memorable "crain" ride of my life!

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jessica said...

We took the "crain" from Bernalillo to Santa Fe last spring with Parker. He loved it because it was a train and that's what boys loved. We loved it because we could shop and bar hop all day and didn't have to drive. I welcome a "crain" ride any day!