Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Own Little Slice of Paradise (Pond)

My good friend Bev introduced me to Paradise Pond about a year ago.  It is an old sanctuary converted into every toddlers' ultimate dreamland, including a bounce house, huge obstacle course, dress-up room, plastic roller coasters, Dora's corner of plastic crap, climbing wall, lego-land, and on and on and on...

When we first went, Shelby wasn't quite old enough.  Like every mom wanting to set a good example for her kids, I lied about her age.  She certainly could get around better than most kids her age anyway.  Here she is discovering the grocery store:

And here's Haley doing the exact same thing a year later:

Some various other crack for toddlers:

All in all, I would give Paradise Pond a big thumb's up.  For $1/person, it's money well spent to expend some energy!


Ali said...

i just LOL'd at "Dora's corner of plastic crap."

Rita said...

I *also* laughed out loud at the "Dora's Corner of Plastic Crap".

A more perfect description does not exist!