Sunday, January 29, 2012

Serious Business

My niece, Carly, is in a cheerleading squad.  I had NO idea how big of a deal this was until we went to her first competition last month.  I teared up just watching how professional her entire group was at performing.  Miss Carly is one of the smaller girls, so she ended up being on top of most of the stunts.  
Hard to tell, but that's my niece in the middle!

I could NOT wait to see her in action again and was so excited to hear she was going to be in Dallas this weekend.  The girls and I braved the Dallas Convention Center and, lucky for us, ran into my mom in the parking lot.  She was a HUGE help keeping the girls contained!

It was worth all the effort (and $27 worth of tickets and parking) to see the girls' amazement with the cheerleaders.  Shelby barely moved except to jive to the music in between performances (and, boy, can that girl jive).  Haley was a little overwhelmed by the sounds and didn't take her hands off her ears for most of the day.  

"Mommy, Woud!"  (loud)

My favorite girls!
I'm so glad we went yesterday, as I heard that today, one of the girls broke her arm during the performance.  Between the time and money commitments, this cheerleading is some SERIOUS business, not to mention the fear of your daughter getting SERIOUSLY hurt....

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bravo to your niece... wonderful!!