Saturday, January 7, 2012

Princess Wishes and Silicone Dreams

I tried really hard to shield my girls from the "I am a princess" idea that Disney has implanted into society.  Alas, it didn't take long before Shelby shocked me by announcing she was, indeed, a princess. I'm still wondering where she heard the term first.  We can no longer go through the check lanes at Target without her begging for these tiny princesses that you can dress up in odd silicone clothing.
Oh, Cinderella, what a lucky girl you turned out to be!
Needless to say, we now own several of Disney's stupid little princess dolls.  I first saw the Cinderella version when my niece, Carly, was about 3.  My sister told me how annoying they were, but I didn't believe her.  Being the official Best Aunt Ever, I humored Carly by dressing and undressing the teeny-tiny-plastic-people until my fingers were cramping.  

Only half of the princess spread in our house.  

By the time Shelby was begging for the same toy, I foolishly assumed that Disney had improved on the clothing and that the dressing and undressing part would now be easy enough for any 3-year-old to accomplish herself.  DUH!  Anytime the girls start playing with them, my heart sinks, as I know I will be changing their outfits non-stop.  And, the pieces are so tiny, I'm constantly finding them in the most random places i.e. under my sheets, in the bottom of my shoe, chewed up in the dog's crate...

Just look at that concentration!
So, for now, we will humor the princess syndrome.  But, I will also be teaching them the idea that they can accomplish anything all by themselves.  No prince or silicone dress necessary!  

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