Saturday, January 14, 2012

"I Like Your Craft Posts"

I recently had lunch with a "girl" I used to babysit back in the 80's, Regan.  Funny thing is, she isn't a "girl" anymore, but a grown up, incredibly smart, and very classy woman.  Must have been my great babysitting skills!

The conversation somehow came around to my little ol' blog (probably because I brought it up!), and she mentioned how much she liked the craft posts.  I was totally flattered since she and her sister are beyond talented in the craft department.  Just take a gander at their pieces of art on their blog, Artes Domesticas Miztontli.

So, Regan, this post is for you!  The rest of you looking for adorable pictures of my children will just have to wait...

My sister recently slyly requested I make her a tree skirt she had seen on pinterest.

And, since we all know how everything on pinterest turns out EXACTLY like it should, I just knew it was going to be an easy, yet incredible, project.  Once again, I was wrong.

I used this post for the general directions, but changed it up a little to save on money and effort.  Maybe I should have stuck to the original plan..

I scored a red felt tree skirt at Target for 90% off ($0.59 to be exact) and some green stretch taffeta at Joann's for $3.50/yard.  It took almost every inch of the 3 yards of taffeta I bought.  Using 3" strips, I used a ruffler foot to make miles and miles of green ruffles.

Great practice for making ruffles

Only the best for my sister ($0.59!)

Against the advice of my friend, Mya, I sewed 9 rows of ruffles onto the cheap red felt.  She wisely thought I should glue the strips on since the felt was so thin.

Only 7 more rows to go!

This project only took me about a week, a record considering I have two eager "helpers" climbing around.  It also doubles as a can-can skirt for a REALLY skinny girl....Enjoy, Ms. Molly!


Molly said...

I love it! I especially love it because you made it! For me! Thank you!

Rita said...

So cool!

Also, now I feel inferior. Mainly because I wasn't born with a Ruffle Foot. I assume you need one to be able to sew.

I just have regular feet. Well. Two left ones really.