Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BooFull Words

The girls just crack me up with the funny things they say.  I always think I will remember these cute expressions forever, but in the back of my mind, I know I will forget in a week.

The annoying things that I hear all day long will probably be what I remember.  Unfortunately, "Own.  Self.  No.  Teeth hurting." is not what Haley wants me to think of her in 30 years.  And, I don't think "Tummy hurting.  Not tired.  Milk NOW" is a true representation of Shelby either.  So, here's what I want to remember:

~BooFull (Beautiful)

My BooFull girl's teeth are hurting, hence the finger in the mouth.
~Nook (Milk)

~Wuv you, Mama!  (She said this about 2 weeks ago for the first time and melted my heart)

~DeeDee (Lilly, the dog).  She will scream "DeeDee, NOW!" when she wants her to come inside.

~Me:  Don't touch that.
  Haley:  Why 'cause?

~Profey (Privacy, when she is doing her business in the bathroom)

~Guan (Juan), Jonson (Jonathan), Suess (Jesus), and 'Me (Jaime), our nanny's kids that the girls adore
Making cupcakes with Suess and 'Me 

~Shelby: Daddy, Haley, Daddy, Haley was, Daddy!
  Bryon:  Stop tattling on your sister.
  Shelby:  I'm not tattling on her, I'm just telling you the truth about what Haley did.

~Me (while dancing around the living room):  Shake your bum!
  Shelby:  But, princesses don't shake their bums.  They just jump and turn.

~Me:  Get in the tub, NOW.
  Shelby:  But, I don't want to get my crown wet.

~Rest-er-hunt (Restaurant)

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CC GODAR said...

Aren't little kids the best! You gotta love em!

My son, when he was little used to yell, "Milk, Mom!" when he wanted some moo-juice in his tippy-cup. I started thinking that was my name, "Milk Mom."