Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Potty Train in one week (or less!)

1.  When picking out the baby you want, be sure to get a strong-willed and competitive one. 

2.  Deal with your strong-willed child's need for independence for two years.  Try not to pull your hair out with the "Own" and "Self" statements (as in, "I'll do it on by myself, and I do NOT want any help from you.")

3.  Use your child's older sibling as an example, which may or may not turn into a competition for the potty each and every time one decides to sit on it.  This will test your patience to the limits, but hang tough.

4.  Pick a day, and go for it!

In other words, training Haley has been a breeze, totally opposite from Shelby.  I didn't have to offer any bribes and didn't have to spend days at home with a naked kid.  Maybe picking out that strong-willed child wasn't such a bad decision after all!

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Rita said...

They really should give out trophies for potty training. I think it's WAY harder than winning a race or the Superbowl.

Good job momma!!