Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in New Mexico

For the holidays this year, we braved the Irving-to-Los Lunas drive to Bryon's parents' house.  Just hand over my "Mother of the Year Award" for riding in the car a total of TWENTY-FIVE freakin' hours.  I think we had to pull over at least 25 times for potty breaks.  Good thing we keep a $1.99 IKEA potty in the back seat! 

LÄTTSAM Children's potty, green
Nothing but the best for our kids!

Unfortunately, a stomach virus joined us on the trip.  Shelby puked in Bryon's favorite Mavericks cap.  Haley learned to puke in the potty like a big girl.  Janice didn't come out of her bedroom for over 24 hours.  Monica actually lost weight instead of gaining 5 pounds.  Fun times! 

The girls did have a great time with their cousins. 

Ashlee, Shelby, Isa, and Haley before the puking began
 We got lots of great gifts, but the winner was the legos for Shelby.  Something tells me she got her dad's engineering genes.
Look what I made!

I was most excited about giving Janice a quilt her mother had started before she passed away.  I pieced the back to look like a garden, which reminded me of her, and my cousin Meredith finished piecing the front that she had started.  Meredith also did the binding and quilting, since I was WAY short on time. I just loved how it turned out!
Back by Monica

Front by Helen and Meredith

Other highlights included lunch with Bryon's nanny from when he was little and also a wild adventure to the mall to let the kids ride the carousel.

Aaron, Leao, and Bryon

Haley, Mom, and Candy Cane, the horse

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Rita said...

Ugh. A stomach bug during Christmas? BUMMER!!

I also drive around with a potty in my car. I line the bowl with a Target sack and then just toss the
pee in the trash.