Monday, February 6, 2012


We've had lots of issues with Shelby tinkling in her panties.  So, in the spirit of trying anything that works, we created a reward chart.  She gets to put a sticker on for each day she goes without wetting her pants.  Once she gets it full, she gets to pick out a toy from the cute toy store by her swim class.

While I was at work yesterday, the girls were upstairs playing while Bryon was downstairs watching the Super Bowl.  He said he heard Shelby go to the potty and then start whispering Haley's name.  He then heard her ask Haley to go get her a pair of panties from downstairs and not to tell Daddy.

Haley ran down and did exactly as she was told, taking the clean pair up to Shelby without tattling on her.  Hearing the story, I couldn't help but laugh.  It brought back many memories of my sister and I trying to get away with stuff behind our parents' backs.

Later, when I asked Shelby if she got to add a sticker to her chart, she didn't miss a beat telling me she didn't have any accidents all day.  Do I call her out for fibbing, or do I just giggle and move on?

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Rita said...

Eh. Giggle and move on.