Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Monster

This little monster needs love too

Because I enjoy stretching myself thin wanted to help out, I signed up to co-ordinate Shelby's Valentine's Day party at her pre-school.  The monster signs at Target were my inspiration.  Luckily, Oriental Trading had some adorable design-you-own Love Monster sticker kits, monster garland, and treat boxes to add to the theme. 

Stickers + Kids = 15 minutes of quiet time

 I was able to snag the monster signs at from my work, as they were going in the trash that very day.  Score!
Me and my little Love Monsters

My awesome co-helpers, Kim and Christy, were the best.  They brought all the goodies for the kids to make their own edible monster, using rice crispy treats and all kinds of candies.
Shelby's 3 eyed creation

We then played "Pin the Heart on the Monster" using stickers.  The kids totally cheated, opening their eyes to get their stickers just where they wanted them.  Two girls followed the rules and didn't even get on the heart.  They ended up with the prizes!

No peeking, Missy!

The little monsters also traded cards.  Gone are the basic cards from my day.  And, because I enjoy stretching myself thin am trying to encourage creativity, the girls and I made cards for the class.  It turned out to be a fun project, and the cards were surprisingly cute too.

All in all, it was a fun day.  Now that I've paid my dues, I'm off the party coordinating obligation list until next year!

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