Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Giddy Up, Pardner

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Nope, I did NOT make the above horse.  But, it was my inspirations for these:

Haley's horse, "Fluff"
Time for your close-up, Fluff

Fluff, meet Shelby's horse, Flower

Nope, I don't just sit around making stick horses!  Shelby's school has an annual Rodeo Day, where the kids dress up and do all kinds of fun things.  Check out my adorable cowgirl:

Unfortunately, high winds and impending rain forced the school to postpone all outdoor activities.  I guess riding around on "Flower" all day will have to do for our little ranch hand for now.  Something tells me Flower's days are numbered, as her little owner really likes to abuse her a little too much.  

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