Friday, March 16, 2012

Reality Bites

Remember how Shelby kept making wishes on my necklace?  Well, those days might be quickly coming to an end.  She recently asked me the most heartbreaking question I've heard in my life.  "Mom, why aren't my wishes coming true?"  What I failed as a parent to do was realize that she had no reason to doubt each and everything I had told her.  Wow...what responsibility I had without even realizing it....
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most inquisitive of all?

All this time, she had been patiently waiting for:

  • our dog, Lilly, to start talking like a real person
  • her stuffed animal, Daisy, to become alive
  • me to not have to go to work anymore
  • all of her friends to come over for a sleepover
After she innocently asked me about her failed wishes, I felt incredibly sad for her all day.  My only answer for her the next time she asked was that she had to make her wishes come true and that no necklace could actually perform magic.

Now, if only I can come up with acceptable answers to "how does Santa get all those gifts to all those kids in one night?" and "where did I live before I was in your tummy?" and "where did Chuck (my mom's dog that recently passed away) go?" then my job as a parent wouldn't seem so scary!

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