Monday, May 30, 2011

My Baby Can Read*

When I first saw the "Your Baby Can Read!" info-mercials on Nick Jr., I had my doubts.  I mean, really, what kid under 5 needs that sort of pressure?  
Your Baby Can Read!

Seriously, can you imagine a 2-year-old reading Tolstoy to all her little toddler friends at storytime?  But, to all you doubters out there, check it out:
See?  It really works!*

*Child seen in video has been read this book at bedtime EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for over a year.  She may or may not have it memorized.


Julianne said...

She can come over once a week and teach Charlie! :) So cute!!

Rita said...

Genius! Clearly.

Anonymous said...

way too cute....makes me realize how behind connor is.....shelby will one day find the cure to cancer at this rate!