Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blooming Hearts

How cute is this idea?
I really love the idea of homemade cards, so when I saw this tutorial on a photo bouquet, I decided to use it to make cards for Mother's Day.  I really wanted to involve the kids, so I decided to have them watercolor plain white cardstock.  I then cut out the shapes, glued our cute faces to the center,  "arranged" my bouquet on another sheet of cardstock, and had Shelby draw the stems.

 The girls loved watercoloring, and the crayola water colors washed off very easily.  I even painted a page of my own and loved it.
Haley showing off her "skills"

Shelby loves crafting

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Bryon's mom, and our kids "second mom", Gloria.  You make our hearts bloom!


Rita said...

So cuuuuute!

Love it... I hope my mom isn't reading, because I think you just inspired HER mother's day gift!

Linda said...

And it now has its proper place on the refrigerator. Love it!