Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I Spent my Good Friday Vacation.

For this year's Good Friday, my mom got conned into bravely volunteered to take both girls for a whole 24 hours.  I had the day off and had a list a mile long of things I couldn't wait to do in my empty house.  After making a run for it dropping the girls of, I hit the ground running.  Here's the breakdown:

  1. Stopped by Guardado Landscaping.  Bought an agave plant. Chatted with the salesgirl for a full 15 minutes without any interruptions from the kids.
  2. Randomly discovered the best fabric store in DFW, The Cabbage Rose.  Spent an hour in my own little heaven looking at all the fun patterns and colors.
  3. Dropped $150 at the liquor store, and enjoyed laughing at the drunk guy trying to find 100 proof vodka.
  4. Mailed a "Coping-with-two-kids Survival Kit" to our dear friends, Joe and Susan.
  5. Stopped by Target to pick up a plastic storage unit for my closet and some Round Up for my weeds.
  6. Cleaned every single nook and cranny in my house and realized just how hard it is to simply walk around my house with kids demanding my constant attention.
  7. Hemmed a dress for my nanny, Gloria and some pj's for Shelby.
    First attempt at alterations....dress is now shorter by a foot!
  8. Organized all our meds, creams, sunscreens, etc. Label makers make me happy.  And, I might be a nerd.
    See all those cute labels?  It's as organized as a drug store.
  9. Went to dinner at Cafe Italia with my hubby.  Since it is BYOB and we didn't have to pay a sitter, I sprung for the expensive champagne to enjoy with our meal.  Like Italian?  You MUST go to this little hole in the wall and order a steak!
  10. Went to Lowes.  Bought tons of flowers and two sago palms to replace the dead ones in our front yard.
  11. Converted Haley's crib into a toddler bed.  Find out why here.  Also hung a painting in her room that had been sitting on her dresser for two months waiting to be attached to the wall.
  12. Planted agave, two sago palms (too shallow), and some ground cover.
    I hope you like your new home, Mr. Agave!
  13. Filled out my new dry erase-magnetic-weekly menu planner and headed to the grocery store.
    Wonder how long this will last...
  14. Remembered how wonderful grocery shopping can be without kids.
  15. Cooked a Poppy Seed casserole to freeze for nights I do not want to cook.
    Love those freezer casseroles!
  16. Made Paula Deen's "Not yo' mama's banana pudding" to take to mom's on Easter.  Resisted temptation to have just a tiny bowl.
  17. Savored my quiet house for a few minutes and then went to save my mom pick up the kids.

All in all, I would say I accomplished everything on my list.  It was indeed a Good Friday!

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