Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

As I am always looking for new ways to wear the girls out and get them away from the t.v./Nintendo DS/, I just had to steal this great idea from my friend, Rita. 

The concept is easy:
1.  Chalk out a super long series of activities.
2.  Do one demo run-through so the kids will know what to do.
3.  Sit back and play Angry Birds for an hour while everyone else burns lots of energy, all the while dreaming of the long nap they will be taking soon.

One can dream, right?

Here's how it actually went:
1.  Chalk out activities, stopping every 2 minutes to tell Haley to stop pulling the neighbor's grass and throwing it into the a/c unit.
2.  Do ten run-throughs, stopping half-way each time to put Haley in time out.
3.  Give up, go inside, and let the kids color.

So, Rita, what next?  Keep posting those great ideas, and I will eventually find one that renders my girls completely exhausted!
"Make an animal sound" 

"Stop and smell the flower"

"Drive the truck around the track"

"Wave your arms in the air"

"Sing a song at the end"


Rita said...

If at first you don't succeed trytry again!

Or, put in a Disney movie and open a bottle of wine.

Either way ; )

Molly said...

Something about the picture of Haley and the caption "make an animal sound" is really funny to me! Sorry your plans didn't work out. At least you tried?