Monday, January 10, 2011

Wake Me, I'm Dreaming!

It was a long weekend.  A VERY looooong weekend.  One of those weekends where we all have a meltdown at some point.  Potty training, back pain, freezing rain, broken promises of sledding, and teething wore us all out.  Just when I think I have reached my parenting threshold, a day like today comes along to remind me that I do love my kids afterall.

Haley woke up at 7:00, and she actually snuggled (!) in bed with me for a solid hour.  This little girl hasn't snuggled with me for more than 15 seconds since the day she was born.

When Shelby rolled out of bed at 8:00, she and Haley played "tea party"  for quite awhile.  I had a hard time getting a decent picture because they both were so into their pretend playtime.  

In fact, they played for so long that I had time to sew some goodies for my sister's desk.  Being a Spanish teacher, I figure the Day of the Dead fabric will go well in her classroom.  So my seams don't line up and the inside of the pencil holder looks like it ate a sour grape, but it was fun making the bias tape and piping.

Also better today has been potty training.  I decided to quit asking if it was time to tinkle and just let Shelby come to me.  So far, so good!  Lucky me gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese once she fills up her sticker chart...
One last high note of the day is the recipe I found online this morning (  I'm actually excited to try this one tonight, as cream cheese is one of my favorite things of all time!  I'll definitely be trying lots of recipes from the Philadelphia cream cheese website.

And, in conclusion, after proofreading this post, I have realized I need to get a life when recipes, bias tape, and tinkling make me happy!

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Molly said...

I didn;t realize it was Día de los Muertos fabric¡ I am the luckiest sister ever¡ Gracias!