Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

Oh, IKEA, how you tease me, with your cheap prices and your unusual style!

You helped furnish Bryon's apartment when he was temporarily transferred to Austin.  We stocked the whole place for under $300. But, the "metal" you used to make the pots, pans, utensils, and silverware was so flimsy that it bent with the first use.

Your beautiful blue mega-store is like a beacon to all that pass by.  That place you have up in Frisco, Texas is bigger than the whole town I grew up in.  Unfortunately, everyone within a 180-mile radius gets sucked into your vortex, causing the population in the store to swell to double that of my hometown.  This small town girl can't handle that many people in one place.
Step into the light
IKEA, you are so good to my friends.  I go to their houses and admire their cool stuff.  When they break the news that their awesome decor came from you, my heart sinks knowing I will never find that particular item again.
(Unless it is the ubiquitous POANG chair that exists in 78.4% of homes, mine included)

And, so, it comes to this.  My cousin Wendy had these perfect step stools:
And, of course, when I found out they were from you, IKEA, I just knew my chances of finding another one were slim to none.  I was willing to take that chance just to drop my now-potty-trained kid off in your "Smaland" to play while my other munchkin and I searched for the cool stools.  

Yet again, our love/hate relationship reared its ugly head.  Shelby was two tiny, itty-bitty-but-oh-so-huge inches too short to ever see the inside of "Smaland", so I was stuck hauling both kids around your ginormous store.  

Two hours later, you managed to sell me two stools (score one for me!), eight yards of fabric, and four different Swedish toys that my kids will play with for all of 12 hours before they fall apart.  You also managed to feed all three of us for only $11 (including a "princess" dessert) and let us use your restroom FOUR times.  
Pretty fabric, but will it wash well?
Who knew $1.99 finger puppets could be so fun?
Time for the puppet show!
So, IKEA, with today's successful shopping adventure, our relationship will go on.  In the future, try to make just a little more commitment to your manufacturing so that your merchandise will last a little longer than it takes to write a blog post!


Molly said...

haha! Priceless! Good one! Don't let the girls chew on the puppets - they might be toxic. JK

Wendy said...

Yay, you found the stools! They are wonderful and rather perfect. And mine have survived 4 months or so, so there's hope! And you got some of the bird fabric!

Regan said...

I've made table cloths and placemats out of the fabric, and they have held up quite well through washing. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

And although once again the quote is "we don't have that in Ohio" meaning an IKEA. We make the 2+ hour trip to Pennsylvania to IKEA a couple of times a year. And yes we have that chair. And Emily's room was once described by my niece that the "room IKEA threw up in"! Diane

Rita said...

You know, I'm madly in love with my ikea purchases. And so far they've not broken.

Oh dear, I think I just jinxed myself.