Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And How I Spent My Evening....

 Most of the day was spent listening to screams of "Just put a diaper on me, Momma."  I am determined to win Standoff at the Pfaff Powder Room 2011!
While Mom was busy fighting the good fight, Munchkin #2 was busy seeing what she could get into.

And after they were both tucked in bed, I got busy making a baby gift for our new niece, Isidora, born 12/31/10.  Congrats to Bryon's brother and family!  I had seen this great tutorial and couldn't wait to get started on it once I found out the name  Here's the sample I was going for:


 Unfortunately, Little Isidora made her appearance two weeks early, so I got started on it a little late.  Such is life... 

You can read the tutorial for yourself, but here are the changes I made:

1.  Letters printed in Cooper Black font size 500, printed in outline.  
2.  I traced the letters onto wax paper using a sharpie and then traced a second set about 1/4" inside the printout to use as a pattern for the batting to stuff the letters.  I used two thicknesses of batting.
3.  Forget hand sewing!  I used my machine to stitch them together.  If I was a more experienced sewer, I could tell you the name of the stitch I used.  At this point, it is known as "#14".  

Felt + batting + batting + felt waiting for #14

The perfectionist in me sees some flaws....
Hopefully the colors with match her nursery!  The felt is from www.heatherbaileystore.com and comes in a handy pack.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my little gift!

The finished product


Jerry and Lauren said...

I love it!! I may have to try this when we redo Sierra's room to her "big girl" room.

Sally said...

This is really cute! I'm sure it is a well loved gift! Especially since they probably won't find anything ready-made that has the baby's name on it.

Anonymous said...

A family friend made Loren letters for her wall when she was born and she still has them! Cute idea.