Friday, January 7, 2011

Public Television, My New BFF

Before kids, PBS was a channel we never watched.  Now, it is one of our favorites, with Sesame Street and Word World being recorded every day.  Those Word World writers are so creative, making objects out of letters.  Just check out that adorable pie:

Watching Sesame Street has brought back so many memories for myself.  I grew up with Snuffy being Big Bird's imaginary friend.  Now, everyone knows him.  Some of the old songs (1-2-3-4-5...6-7-8-9-10...11-12 by the Pointer Sisters) end up on the new episodes, and I just love it!  Even my old favorite, the Tweddle Bugs make an appearance now and then.

The biggest change from PBS 1978 and PBS 2011 is the internet.  Moms, have you checked out  Miss Shelby L-O-V-E loves it, especially the island link.  We reached a milestone this week when she finally learned how to work the mouse.  She spent well over an hour tonight, with her cute pudgy legs propped up, exploring the website and playing the games.  I couldn't even snap a decent picture since she wouldn't take her eyes off the screen!

Just be glad I don't know how to download videos off of my new camera yet, or I would be torturing you with a 38 second video of a toddler putting together a virtual puzzle!

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Rita said...

Ok, I don't *have* a mouse (only a touch pad)... so poor Paige has been deprived of

I am clearly a horrible, horrible mother.