Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing in a whole new way (at least for me)

Who knew that:

  • My sewing machine could stitch through cork board?

My guest bedroom sewing room was crying out for a bulletin board that could be used to remind myself what projects I wanted to create next.  I found this really cool tutorial.  The last step is to sew through your fabric and cork using a zipper foot.  I had my doubts, but after some cussing seam ripping, I finally got the hang of it.
Practice board that my lucky sister will receive

  • Wonder Under can be used to adhere fabric to cork board?
The cool tutorial also called for ironing Wonder Under to the cork like so:

It started smelling like burnt cork for just a minute or two...But, the finished project turned out really cute!
Message board for myself

  • Belen, New Mexico has a really cool vintage fabric store?

Did you notice the green and blue trim used in my board?  I found it at Bernie's in Belen while on a shopping excursion with my mother-in-law.  It was stocked to the gills with all kinds of vintage fabrics and notions.  Just wait until you see the loud and obnoxious 70's polyester fabric!  I have FIVE yards just waiting for the perfect project.  The next time you find yourself in Belen, you must stop by Bernie's, even if you don't sew or craft.

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Regan said...

Very cute! (I totally own the sugar skulls fabric that is on Molly's board-cute!)