Thursday, July 1, 2010

Non-Mall Rat

Growing up in a small town 90 minutes from the "big city" of Amarillo, I didn't have a whole lot of opportunities to hang out at the malls like other teenagers. All the really rich and really cool kids travelled to Dallas for the weekend just to shop. Being neither really rich nor really cool, I was given $100 once a year for back-to-school clothes. Mom would turn my sister and I loose at Westgate Mall in Amarillo, and I would try to buy as much as I could. Needless to say, I wasn't wearing Nike, Guess, or Girbaud like all the rich, cool kids!

If there is one thing I learned from the obvious child abuse from my stingy parents, it was to be a bargain shopper. Sure, there was that period in my life post-college where I went a little nuts with the credit card, but it was only for a few (five!) years...Anyway, living in Dallas now, I'm always shocked that I am now like those cool kids. Only I get to Dallas-shop every day if I want to.

While I'm love browsing the Galleria as much as the next person, what I really love is two little-known outlets here. First is the Wisteria outlet in Carrollton. Today, I scored these stools, listed on their website for $99, for only $24

Shelby thought they were really cool drums...Sorry for the lack of clothes. She had just gotten out of the bath!
My second favorite way to spend an afternoon is browsing around Horchow Finale. It's a Neiman Marcus housewares outlet, and they have some of the most unusual stuff ever i.e. a mink fur collar for your spoiled dog, Kate Spade dominos (originally $350 marked down to a cool $50), random furniture that would only fit in a 10,000 square foot mansion, and $100 candles. Do you know anyone that would spend $100 on a candle??

Anyway, I just love digging to see what the rich, cool people were buying last year that I am now getting for 75% off. Today's big purchase was a huge painting for the kitchen that was marked $450, and I paid $111. In order to see it, you have to come visit me so that we can toast to Dallas bargain shopping!


Rita said...

I'm driving to Dallas specifically to rob you of those stools. SOOOO cute!

Molly said...

I want that print you have in your powder room...the one from Tues morn. I have the peeerrrrfect spot for it in new house. So if you are tired of it, let me take it off your hands, would ya? The only thing cheaper than bargain shopping is stealing things off your sister's wall.