Monday, July 5, 2010

One Cousin's Junk is Another Cousin's Jewel

Your family has regular traditions like pizza on Friday nights or feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving. My family has unique traditions like snake hunting and crap swap. What can I say? We come from unique DNA!?!

My granny Nelle and grandpa Walt on their wedding day

This past weekend, we had our annual Poling Cousins' Reunion. It's a gathering of all of Walt's kids and grandkids. This is the 4th year in a row we have all managed to get together and not get into any screaming matches. I'm so proud of us!

Anyway, we all met at my grandfather's house near Fritch, in the Texas Panhandle. What started as a small trade has now become my favorite family tradition--Crap Swap! What could be better than getting rid of your crap-o-la and coming home with your cousins' crap-o-rama?? This year, I hit the jackpot from my cousin's wife Julianne. I stole her necklace, two cool toothbrushes that light up, and two really cool pillows. This one sums up our whole weekend:

Have a heart, have a dream, but most of all, have a ball!

Boy, howdy, did we ever have a ball!! Except for this little snake encounter, we had a blast picking plums, awarding door prizes, hunting ABC's with our digital cameras (for this project),
and eating delicious food. As soon as my ABC book is done, I'll be selling them on Amazon to fund next year's "unique" reunion!!

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Linda said...

Walt loved his door prize of plum jelly. I love my new costume jewelry. I don't love the pair of jean capris that you said were too big for you. Maybe Carly can wear them in another year!This blog entry is the best!