Monday, July 19, 2010

Squid Dogs

Every heard of squid dogs? Nope, me neither until I saw some instructions on how to make them. I decided it would be the perfect playdate activity for Shelby and five of her friends. Boy, did all those girls have fun stabbing spaghetti into hot dogs! Elizabeth made an airplane dog. Shelby made a short-haired dog. Paige, Selene, and Avery made deformed squids. Arden just sat the whole thing out, realizing how juvenile it was! Haley ate more than anyone. Needless to say, we will be making squid dogs again!

Squid Dogs
From FamilyFun Magazine
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Squid Dogs

These odd-looking but tasty treats (we call them squidlings, pasta dogs, stringy sausages, or hairy dogs, depending on our mood) are an ingenious combination of two toddler favorites. Let your kids play with their food: they'll find it nearly impossible not to.

  • Hot dogs
  • Dry spaghetti
  • Butter or ketchup (optional)

To cook up a batch, simply cut a hot dog into sections, then spear the hot dog pieces with dry spaghetti as shown. Boil the spaghetti dogs until the pasta is tender. Serve with butter or ketchup, if desired.

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