Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Fairy Tale Weekend

You know those fairy tales where the main character(s) find a hidden door to a new world? I'm thinking The Chronicles of Narnia, but I know there are lots of other examples. Anyway, I've had a re-occurring dream for years that I find a hidden room in my house and am so excited to have lots of new storage. On Friday night, my own little suburbia fairy tale came true.

When we first moved in this house seven years ago, we noticed the previous owners had cut a hole in the ceiling in the garage but had patched it up. We assumed they were trying to make attic space and found out it wasn't possible. After years of contemplating the geometry of it all, Bryon decided there was room for an attic. I gave him the green light to cut another hole and take a look around.

It's like Heaven up there!

What he found was miles and miles of open, unused storage. I immediately started imagining all the closet space available to me after the attic was finished. Bryon immediately went to Home Depot to buy supplies. After sweating his you-know-what off for three days, the task is about 75% complete.

Pool poles holding up the attic ladder I helped install!


So, in anticipation of all the clean closets I'm going to have by the end of the month, I went out and bought this: