Monday, June 28, 2010


My younger sister, Molly, claims she was neglected as a baby since there were no photographs taken of her. I won't admit she is right, but she might be onto something. Keeping things equal with two kids is a tough thing to do. I hate for Haley to tell all her friends down the road, "Just look at my crazy mom's blog. There are NO posts about ME!" So, Miss Haley, this one is just for you.
Unique does not even begin to describe Her Majesty. Haley is our little beauty queen, and she takes her queen-ness seriously! Because she is prettier than any other child under the age of one*, she requires a little more attention than her older sister.

*Yes, every mother says that their kid is the most beautiful ever. With Haley, I know it is true!

Haley constantly wants to be held, and once she is in your arms, she wants to squirm, kick, spin, and flail about. She only has your best interest in mind, as this helps to build your entire body's muscles.

Her Royal Highness is also stronger than any other 9-month old you've ever seen. I predict she will be walking soon and has been climbing the stairs for weeks now. She's just trying to out do her sister. Tilt your head to the left, and check out this video of her showing off: (feel free to sing along to the Wonder Pets background music!)

Another unique characteristic that is oh-so-charming is that we have our own version of "The Princess and the Pea" going on every night in Haley's room. She still refuses to sleep all night and will only go back down if you hold her tight and feed her a bottle. I cherish these late night/early morning interruptions in my sleeping, as it is the only chance I get to snuggle with her all day. (Moms have to play these little mind games. If not, society as a whole would cease reproduction from all the horror stories!!)

Mealtime is Haley's favorite. She will put anything in her mouth that is on her tray. She gets lots of laughs from her dining companions from covering herself with her meal. So far, she is one adventurous eater with her one lonely tooth to chew with.

Haley, you are such a delight to all of us. No matter where I drag you out in public, you are such a good sport and will flirt with any strangers. Your smile lights up your entire face and can brighten the worst of days. I treasure you as the baby of our little family!


Anonymous said...

she is JUST beautiful =0 & such a big girl when she does start walking LOOK OUT!!!!


Molly said...

It's o.k. Haley. Your aunt is a counselor. Free therapy.

Anonymous said...



Julianne said...

Maybe she can teach Charlie a few things this weekend about crawling :) She's a rock star!

Linda said...

Hey, I take exception to the quote that there were no pictures taken of Molly. I know there were at least THREE!

I agree with everything else!