Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Final Countdown

Two words from my doctor's visit yesterday~No Change. UGH! Bryon and I are so anxious to meet this little one, and it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon. On the flip side, this waiting gives us a chance to add to our list of parenting rules. While I'm open to the thought that each and every rule will be thrown out the window once we become real parents, the rules we have listed reflect the fact that we do not want to raise a spoiled or sheltered child. Enjoy just a few!

1. Let her fall down the stairs and out of shopping carts so she will learn not to do it again.
2. Do not tolerate picky eating habits. Let her starve if she won't eat what is served.
3. Teach child how to use chopsticks by age 6.
4. First car she drives will have no less than 75,000 miles on it.
5. Discipline enough so that she will not cry in public or act like some of the brats we see at Chili's and Target.
6. Babies have been born and raised for millions of years. A little germ exposure will not be the end of the world.

Friends have also added to our little list. Leslie, Jessica, and Suzanne said to add, "No rules!" Diane insisted that when changing a diaper, make it a rule to never leave the dirty one in a parking lot. Always leave it in the trash. (this was said after finding a little "present" left by my car at Cavender's Boot City...that's a whole other story!) My co-worker, Tamara, said to add, "Do what is right for the child, not what is convenient for the parent." I believe both of our parents followed this last one, so I can only hope we will do the same.

So, I'm off to do more internet searches for "ways to induce labor" while munching on my fresh-cut pineapple (not canned, according to the internet) and spicy food. Keep your fingers crossed!


Linda said...

Remember Murry, the old Mercedes? No telling how many miles he had. Right Molly? Your Olds was in the 6 digits of miles, I'm sure. Good rule.

Virpi said...

:-D Enjoyed your list of "how not to spoil the child". To get your baby to this world, did you already find maternity acupressure in the 'Net?

wendylee said...

Hahahahahahahaha. You are very brave to put these in a public forum!

On the inducing labor part, I think I have a video clip to dedicate to you on the poling family blog..... if I can find it on the computer. If you need help on inducing labor, I'm pretty sure I've tried them all....

Molly said...

I hope that crying in public thing works out for you.
We quickly learned that we do not have as much control as we thought we would. I have been embarrassed and had to take the walk of shame (dragging a screaming kid to the car) way too often to count!
PS - the wooden spoon has been a wonderful discipline tool!