Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Bonding

Shelby is surrounded with such great family! She has really enjoyed getting to know her Uncle Aaron and Aunt Juanita this week. Aaron has learned the joys of cuddling with his niece, while Juanita is an old pro at calming her down. They even babysat for Bryon and I last night so that we could go out to dinner, celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. We hope Shelby was an angel for them while we were gone!

Mimi has also bonded with "Shelby Belby" (as Bryon likes to call her). Juanita and I met her for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I think this year's present of a new grandchild is one of my better gifts!
I had to throw in one more random picture of our Honey Bear just for fun. Aaron and Juanita have gotten some great shots of her this week, and I can't wait to post some of them. Shelby is such a great model.

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Molly said...

She changes every day! What a sweet baby!