Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just about 3 more weeks

Wow! How times have flown by. Just 33 weeks ago, I came home from work with a positive pregnancy test for Bryon. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant. Baby Pfaff is now considered full-term, and we can't wait to see our precious baby girl. Plus, I'm just bursting at the seams (literally!) to reveal her name.

For those planning on visiting us in the hospital, we will be delivering in the Margot Perot building at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The address is 8160 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75231. Look for signs to Labor and Delivery. It is my understanding that we will be on the 5th floor.

Feel free to leave any advice, guesses on the name/birthday/size, etc. in the comments section. We are really getting excited!


Linda said...

The next few weeks will drag by for you. Enjoy your sleep!

Linda said...

A second thought...Don't we get any pictures of your profile?

Molly said...

Can't wait to meet Baby P! Could I be more excited? Do you think she like me as much as baby Carly liked you? Can I buy her a kiki? Or a double-dog? I don't have any baby advice that I haven't already shared.

Casa Ortiz said...

Monica!!! It's Pam!!! I can't believe when I met you you just found out your were pregnant! Time flies! Congrats to you and your husband! You look great!!! I will save this blog as a "favorite" on my internet and will check back here perodically after June 8th to see Baby P! Do your best to keep up with the blog...even little posts - friends and family love this! You will be in our thoughts and prayers, and I know everything is going to be fine! ...just the little I know of you - you are going to make a GREAT mother!!! Talk with you soon! ~Pam

Casa Ortiz said...

Hey Monica - I just tried to send you a quick email and it was returned! I emailed you at "" told it to me yesterday and I thought that was it but must have forgot! Send me an email to and I will get your right email! Talk with you soon! ~Pam

wendylee said...

I think the Poling curse means that this will definitely be a June baby. Let's hope for EARLY June, for your sake!

Monica said...

Wow, a Monica of a Poling family who loves Korean food. You might just be my alter ego.

Congrats on the pending baby, best of wishes to you and your family.

My best

--Monica Poling
(who used to work for the Korean government)