Friday, June 22, 2012

Traveling at the speed of lemon

 I really want to look back on this silly little blog in 10 years and get a laugh out of the memories.  And, I know in 10 years, I will NOT remember all the silly little things the girls have said.  So, here are some recent favorites:
  • Instead of "speed limit", the girls like to say I am driving "lemon speed".  I have them convinced the windows won't roll down when we are going lemon speed (little do they know I have a convenient window lock button at my disposal!)
  • While spending the day in the backyard on Father's Day, the girls were swimming and Bryon was resting on the edge of the pool.  Shelby swam up to him and said, "Dad, it is a PERFECT Summer day."  Her little expression made the day even more perfect for him.

A perfect summer day
  • At bedtime, the girls and I will tell each other, "I love you to the moon/stars/sun/outerspace/plantets/etc. and back."  Haley told me the other night she loved me "to France and back."  I asked her where she learned about France, and she told me "at Target."  Um...okay?!?
  • Shelby said, "You have to put fertilizer on your hands before you hold a baby."  That would be sanitizer, not fertilizer!

Good thing she put on her hand fertilizer
  • "Mom Meters" are used to check temperatures, according to Haley.  
I just love their little expressions.  Keep cracking me up, Girls!

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