Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pop goes the party!

For Shelby's 4th birthday party, she wanted "the whole house full of balloons!"  My girl really knows how to time things, since there is a major helium shortage.  Who knew?  I laughed at the poor Party City employee when she told me that, thinking she was just trying to get me to spend more money.  After being told the same thing at Tom Thumb and Kroger, I decided it must be true.

The birthday girl with dad
So, I decided on an "All things POP" party since a house full of balloons was going to cost us as much as her first car.   Lollipops, popcorn, bubbles, balloons, popsicles, and pop rocks were all on the to-do list for the party.

My cousin's wife, Julianne, suggested I do a dum-dum sucker centerpiece like this from pinterest:

I decided to go a little bigger with a topiary.  The best part was filling a pot with expanding foam.  Just look at what happened 24 hours after I filled it 2/3 full:
The brain exploded!

And, here is the final product, all 360 dumdum's!

Every dentist's nightmare!
Next were the snacks.  Popcorn, POPchips, and snap, crackle, pop treats all had their own signs thanks to my awesome pharmacy tech/graphic design expert, Emily!

If you look closely, you can see "PFAFF" in my new side table...
We covered the front porch with bubble wrap and added a sign saying, "No need to know, just POP on in!"
Red carpet made of bubble wrap
I also used bubble wrap as a table runner.

All set to go!
Each guest got an animal balloon to walk in the "pet" parade.

Our own helium menagerie

Andie walking her dog
And we shot party poppers from the balcony onto the kids.  We will be cleaning up confetti until Shelby turns 5...

After it was over, Shelby told me it was the best party EVER.  I'm glad she had fun, because it might be the last party we have at our house EVER.  Chuck E. Cheese, here we come!

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