Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is there a pill for that?

Mommy guilt has been eating me alive these days.  Between working and leaving the girls with a variety of strangers, they seem to just fight for my attention when I am around.  I end up losing my patience at them more than appreciating the moment.  I blame all of the following:
  • This pinterest post.  It's not enough for me to raise kids that don't run in the street and that say "please" and "thank you"?  I now have to raise kids that are missionaries and cure cancer?  Thanks pinterest for reminding me that I need to do more, and more, and more...

  • Shelby's wish on the first star she saw last night.  It went something like this, "First star, first star, I wish, I wish, I REALLY wish my mommy didn't have to work EVER again."  When I told her that her wish might not come true, she said, "No, it will Mommy.  Last week I wished the same thing, and you got the day off just for me."    We were out on the boat watching fireworks, and I thought it was a perfect evening.  Instead, I ended up complacent for the rest of the night considering what I could do to convince her my work was a good thing.
Haley and Bryon, watching fireworks from the lake

Shelby, trying to wish on her star and watch fireworks at the same time.
  • Not wanting to figure out a way to make Shelby's wish come true.  I confess that I like going to work.  It makes me feel useful and allows me to shop without kids.  I enjoy being around adults, both my co-workers and customers.  So, I feel guilty at work for not feeling guilty about being at work.  Make sense?

  • This post from my mom's cousin's son,  (my second cousin once removed?) Bryan.  His 11-year-old son, David, passed away this week.  It was a HUGE reminder that I need to cherish each and every moment I have with my precious girls, as it could all be gone in an instant.  Bryan's writing is inspiring and moving.  Please read it and show him some love when you have 10 minutes.  After reading it and watching the slide show, I paused to give thanks for my healthy, vivacious, and intriguing girls.   
So, does anyone have a pill that takes away the mommy guilt?  If so, I need a double dose, STAT!  

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