Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thank you, Doc

Disney's latest crack-for-kids tv show is Doc McStuffins.  I actually really like the message and think the lessons it teaches are much better than the old boy-rescues-girl, girl-becomes-princes b.s. that Disney used to pump out.  

So, Shelby ADORES Doc McStuffins.  The character is a little girl that fixes broken toys and sings cute little songs along the way.  I was shocked the other day to hear Shelby singing one of the songs out of the blue and even more shocked she knew all the words.  Maybe we watch a little too much t.v. around here...or, maybe Shelby has the memory of a steel trap...or, Disney has figured out how to program kids' minds

Check out the soon-to-be viral video of her singing!

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