Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Unexpected Costs of Parenting

Our "spirited" child, Haley, is VERY conniving curious and stubborn determined.  Turn your back for five minutes, and you never know what you will find her doing.  At this point, all I can do is grab the camera and laugh.  

When we became parents, we knew it would be expensive.  Diapers, formula, piano lessons, all kinds of therapy, car insurance, college tuition, and wedding dresses were all on the list of expectations.  Little did we know, parenting costs also included:

Full boxes of trash bags strung across the house

The wasted bottle of sunscreen was the least of our worries.  Replacing the carpet was a little more expensive.
Ink on high-quality pleather...finally removed with acetone.

Yet another bottle of mom's lotion

A full bag of brown sugar...not that expensive, just a pain in the a#@ to clean up.

A case of bar soap, again a pain to clean up after she used it as a "crayon" on the floor

YUM!  Powdered coffee creamer mixed with water makes for a messy, yet delicious, treat!  Just ask the carpenter ants now living in our kitchen...

This is a toughy.  It's dried lavender with lentils mom was using to stuff eye masks for her friends.    At least the carpet smells good...

Tabasco, EVOO, sesame oil, and worcestershire sauce go well with sprinkles.  

Also included in Haley's adventures are not one but FIVE bottles of shampoo, all the same brand and all newly purchased, squeezed in the bath for bubbles.  It's taken me this long to learn to buy the cheap stuff.

So, to those of you replacing your flooring, NEVER buy light colored carpet.  NEVER put carpet in a dining room.  And, most of all, NEVER leave "spirited" children unattended in your home!

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lampros lampinos said...

poor mama... how many things did she discover?