Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Does Not Kill You...

After suffering through several weeks' worth of home improvement, I can now safely say our family has survived!  It was a little rough going the night we spent in a hotel due to paint fumes, but it was all worth it in the end.  Haley seemed to be the most traumatized, running around with her hands over her ears, crying "Loud!  Loud!"  She did enjoy sleeping in Shelby's bed one night when her crib was shoved in our bathroom.

Before we started, I had an interior decorator come over to give us some direction.  In one short hour, Erika Basham ( gave us some great ideas, specific paint colors, and motivation to get the project started.  Unlike my sister, I have NO home decorating skills, so Erika was worth every penny of the $50 it cost.
Some before and after pics:
Before-formal living
During--formal living

After--formal living
WAY Before--Study/future nursery
Before--kitchen cabinets

During--kitchen mayhem 
After--kitchen cabinets, much cleaner
Before--living room carpet (this picture does not give the stains justice)
During--Living Room
After--living room (bad pic...sorry!)
During--accent wall
After--accent wall


lampros lampinos said...

what a lovely, big home... very well decorated, and so cosy!

Destri said...

Wow! I would say it was worth it :) Your kitchen, well all of it, is spectacular!