Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yo-Yo Ma-Ma

My sweet friend, Bev, asked me to make her a yo-yo monkey way back in the spring.

SIMPLICITY 2441 SEW PATTERN Yo Yo Toys - Monkey, Lion, Hippo
Looks easy enough, Simplicity 2441!

Making fabric yo-yo's always fascinated me, so I was eager to dive right in and make my friend a monkey.  Little did I know, the pattern called for NINETY of those suckers.  I kept telling Shelby I was going to turn into a yo-yo if I had to make any more.  She just thought that was hilarious.  I can now officially say I am a yo-yo expert.  "Rufus" is finally off my back!
Shelby might not let go of Rufus!

And, on another sewing note, my heart went pitter-patter when I saw my sister walking up to my house carrying a mysterious box from her mother-in-law.

Since the mother-in-law is a retired home ec. teacher, I couldn't wait to open it up.  Come to find out, it was a box full of all her scrap fabric.  YIPPEE!!  Thanks so much, Susie, for re-igniting my sew bug!  

All that fabric will come in handy making the hippo from Simplicity 2441 that Shelby has been begging for since I started Rufus.  "Make me the hippo in pink, Mama!"  Okay, so maybe my yo-yo making days aren't quite over!

Love all the yellows

A few more bits a pieces to add to my collection



lampros lampinos said...

yes, a very good job and idea, your girl seems so happy...bravo

Rita said...

Yo-yo are amazing.