Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm so over being L.A.M.E.!

Am I the only one that goes through times of "Lost Another Major Element"?  I call these my L.A.M.E periods in life and am hoping this latest L.A.M.E. period is just about to wrap up.  It all started in May, when this was lost/stolen/mysteriously disappeared:

Yep, that would be my (okay, not mine, but an image very similar to mine) wedding ring.  

Next on the L.A.M.E. period list was this:

I know, not near as valuable as the ring, but it was another thing I was searching for that was driving me crazy.  I KNOW I left those stamps on the counter, but suddenly, they were gone.

Then, last week, I lost this:

Yep, that would be my (okay, not mine, but an image similar!) debit card.  At this point,  I was endlessly searching for my wedding ring, a roll of stamps, and my debit card.  No pant's pocket, drawer, couch cushion, or purse had gone un-searched.  

The final breaking point of my L.A.M.E. period was the disappearance of this:

Not the kid (Haley!), but the pink blanket (Pinky!) she can't fall asleep without.  For a solid week, Haley would whine "Pinky" before nap or bedtime.  

Well, My Friends, I have good news to report!  My INCREDIBLE husband surprised me with a new wedding ring he thoughtfully picked out in Santa Fe for our anniversary (seven years on 6/26).  Forever, I will be unconsciously looking for my original ring, but my replacement just warms my heart everytime I glance down at my ring finger.  Feel free to ogle over it the next time you see me.

Those lost stamps?  Found!  I really should clean out the hutch above my computer more often...And, that debit card?  Cancelled!  I really should have done that on the first day I realized it was missing.  

Most importantly, Pinky?  FOUND!!!  That sneaky ragged blanket was hiding at the bottom of one of the 15 baskets of toys my girls have.  I really should make them clean those out more often....

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Rita said...

Pics! We need pics of the new ring!

Also? Paige has a bear named Pinky which she refuses to sleep without. I dread the day he turns up missing.