Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not For Use For Kids Under Six

One of Haley's favorite things to do is to empty out various bottles of stuff.  Bubble bath, mom's expensive shampoo, mom's cheap shampoo, tubes of toothpaste, and sunscreen are no longer safe in our house, as seen in exhibit A:

s#*t-eating grin...

I'm used to going through a whole roll of paper towels on a daily basis just cleaning up behind my little tasmanian devil.  But, I'm hoping today's antics taught her a lesson.  I present to the jury, exibit B:

"Not for use in children"

I left this kid alone for TWO minutes, only to discover she had covered herself in IcyHot.  I know some adults (me?) that can't handle the heat of this stuff.  Twenty-one month olds kids REALLY don't like it.  And, squeezing the remaining drops into dad's inhaler might not be the best idea either...
Dad will be making the same face the next time he uses that inhaler
Hopefully, I can start storing my stuff in normal, reachable cabinets now that Haley has tortured herself...

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